Zubrnice is among the newest open-air museums in the Czech Republic. In the urban and countryside unique living community in the Bohemian Central Highlands, timbered, half-timbered and brick buildings stand next to each other.

Zubrnice originated in the 11th century, the square is dominated by the Church of St. Mary Magdalene and the first building brought here – a Baroque well – dates from the 1695.

The timbered two-story building No. 61 is part of a complex of buildings commemorating the life and work of people on the farm estate.

The little top drive water mill is unique. In timbered house No. 46 a multipurpose educational center was created.

The most famous Zubrnice celebrations are Májový fair, Carnival, Easter, Autumn in the village, Christmas in the open-air museum and popular demonstrations of the preparation and tasting of traditional dishes from the oven and stove in the parlor historic timbered house.

On weekends in season and on special occasions a historical motor coach comes here from Usti nad Labem.

One of the local rarities is a functional drawn steam engine, once used as an agricultural machine.

Zubrnice is in care of the National Heritage Institute.